From the early 1980s Jan Wiese performed frequently in USA and Europe, with the Wiese-Wøllo-Waring trio (CD new release 2008) and as a soloist with live electronics (CD: "Stunt!" 1991). He is a pioneer of electro  acoustic improvisation in a mix of contemporary jazz - live electronics and oboe , ambient, noise, electronica and contemporary art. -An extraordinary musician with an international reach who makes music that crosses boundaries with skill, inventiveness and imagination like few others.

By summer 2018 - after several years of solo projects - he is collaborating with

Johanna Zwaig (performance artist) 

Aronne Dell´Oro (folk-art music, Italy)

Giovanni Perin (vibrafone, Italy)

in duo "WØJT" with Tellef Øgrim (guitar/live electronics) 


Håkon Storm and Håvard Caspersen (acoustic guitars)  in trio "Wiese-Storm-Caspersen"

As a pedagogue and coach Jan is training music-students, soloists and business executives in Norway. He teaches the use of traditional instruments in live electronics.

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